How do I vote?

Just click on the vote (thumbs up) icon on any list item, and your vote will be registered. Your vote will remain anonymous.

How do you calculate ratings?

Ratings per item are based on votes given by site users, and adjusted by time. Ratings in recent months are given higher votes, and ratings beyond about a year are given minimal weighting. Popularity of lists is based on the total of all ratings given to all the list items.

How do I comment on an item?

Just click on the comment icon on any list item, and you will be taken to the comments page/form for each list item. You may chose any display name for your comment. (You can also chose to comment via social media, using the social media share buttons)

How can I follow certain lists?

Simply click the favorite icon () on any list. This will remember that list as one of your favorites, and can be found again through the ‘Favorites’ or ‘Lists’ page.

Lists and list items

How do I create a new list?

Go to Lists. At the bottom you will see a link for “Create a new List”. (Or go directly here). To avoid duplicates please check if the list exists already before adding.

I don’t see an item on a list. Can I add it?

Just click on ‘Search (or Add) item’ link at the bottom of the list. This will search if that item exists already, and if not will allow you to add it.

I added a new list (or list item) but made some mistakes. Can I correct it?

Currently we do not require contributors to log in so we cannot easily verify if you are the original author, and therefore we cannot give ‘edit’ access. Nevertheless please just let us know of any errors via the ‘Report inappropriate content’ link at the bottom of each list (or list item), and our editorial staff will fix it as soon as possible. If there is sufficient demand we will consider adding a login feature allowing users to edit their own contributions.

Can I add images or pictures to my list?

As we currently don’t require users to login its very difficult to enure that all images uploaded are copyright free, and to verify that the content is not inappropriate. For now our editorial staff will add suitable images to selected lists, and we will consider enhancing our site to allow site vistors to add images in the future.

I added a new list, and ratings appear to have already been added?

When you create a new list, we automatically assign some ratings to the initial list items (10 points to the top item, 9 points to the next, and so on). This gives the list a ‘kick start’ and small bias to anyone starting a new list. Obviously we expect that additional visitors will then add their own ratings, and the relative ratings will change over time as more people voice their opinions.

Some of the ‘related’ lists don’t seem very related. What’s going on here?


Are my votes private or will they show up on facebook etc?

Your voting history is completely private, and will not show up on facebook or other social media. Even if you like (using the facebook like button) or share a list, your votes on individual items wil not be displayed.

Are my comments private or will they show up on facebook etc?

Using the site’s comment form, your comments require a ‘display name’ to be added, but you can chose any name you wish. However if you share any comments via the social media buttons (eg facebook etc), your comments will be attributed to your social media account.

Why don’t you require verification of contributors?

We wanted our site to be as open as possible, and easy to use, to maximize participation. Many users are very concerned about privacy and would not vote or contribute if we required a login or e-mail verification. We will continue to monitor usage of our site, and in the future may need to review this policy if we find extensive abuse of the open voting and comment systems.

How do I know all ratings are genuine?

We have implemented a number of measures to avoid multiple votes, bots, spam etc. For security reasons, we don’t disclose the methods we use. Unfortunately fake ratings (and also spam) are a reality of today’s internet and social media, and we can’t guarantee that we have caught everything. Nevertheless but we try our best. We will of course continue to monitor site usage and implement improvements and security measures as needed. If you see inappropriate content, please do let us know via the ‘inappropriate content’ link on all list pages.